HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEMS appointed official distributors for: PDC MACHINES in Sub Sahara Africa.

HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEMS  are pleased to announce that they have been appointed official distributors for: “PDC MACHINES” in Sub Sahara Africa.   ’PCD MACHINES are an advanced Pennsylvania based USA company that manufactures a versatile range of gas Diaphragm compressors and  boosters.

PDC utilizes the latest technology in cavity contour design, diaphragm processing technology and metallurgical design to provide the longest lasting diaphragm life in the industry.


The typical markets for diaphragm compressors include:

  • The industrial gases industry including transfilling, cylinder and tube trailer filling stations, and gas distribution markets such as helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and argon among others.
  • The specialty gases industry including electronics gases (silane, specialty gas blends), calibration gases among others.
  • The alternative energy sectors including the hydrogen energy sectors, compressed natural gas applications and biogas industries.

PDC leads the industry in diaphragm life and our typical client reports between 6000 and 8000 hours of operating life from PDC machines diaphragms.