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High Pressure Systems (HP Systems) - Company Profile

HP Systems is a privately owned company and was formed in October 1991. The company started its life as a c.c. and still is to this day.

High Pressure Systems not only supplies High Pressure Equipment to Local Sub Sahara African Industries from overseas but, over the years have designed, developed and manufactured their own range High Pressures Equipment for most needs.

High Pressure Systems are full members of "The Compressed Gases Association of Southern Africa" and is a "Compliant ISO 1999/2000 company" and working towards full Accreditation.

Owner Members

Ken Lucas (GB)-Member (Technical - Sales and Marketing)
Andre Vosloo (ZAR)-Member (Technical - Factory Production)
Larry Sim (ZAR)-Member (Technical and Sales - Cape Area)


The Company owns its own ground, factory and offices and is situated alongside the main Johannesburg Airport in an area known as "Jet Park".

Total Ground Area: 3 274m2
Factory and Office Area: 1 380m2


HP Systems currently employs twenty one full time staff.